Manufacturing and sell

More than 80 kinds of educational micropreparations for the entire course of histology. Sell from 1 to 100 slides one micropreparation.

In 2004, Pharmaceutical research and production enterprise "Retinoids" have started mass production and sale of histological, biological, and demonstration of histological preparations for medical, biological and veterinary faculties of universities.

Extensive experience of manufacturing micropreparations and highly qualified specialists combined with modern equipment allow to achieve high quality.

Microscopy Slides

Embryology slides

Embryology slides

Microscopy slides for studying histology

Histological slides

Microscopy slides for studying biology

Biological slides

Microscopy demonstration slides for studying histology

Histological demonstration slides

Why choose us?


Since 2004, the company ZAO "Retinoids" carries out mass production and sale of educational histological and biological micropreparations. Today the product range comprises over 100 items.


Streamlined production process, careful selection and mnohocetny quality control are available to meet the requirements of the most demanding scientists-histologists, and teachers.


The company "Retinoids" today is the only Russian enterprise which produces a wide range of micro specimens on an industrial scale. Production volumes of the company consists of about 10 thousand products per year.


The micro specimens are in steady demand. In recent years, our customers were more than 50 educational institutions of Russia and foreign countries.

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