In connection with the growing need of medical, biological and veterinary faculties of universities in 2004 on the initiative of Professor V. I. Nozdrina - Director of ZAO "Retinoids", head of the Department of histology Orlowski University named after I. S. Turgenev, the company has begun mass production of the learning of histological preparations. Currently it is the only manufacturer of classic visual AIDS for departments of histology not only in Russia but also the CIS countries.

Today, near the town of Oryol built research center with a well-equipped analytical, chemical-analytical and histology laboratories, modern vivarium, which employs highly qualified specialists, scientists and laboratory-histology, undergraduate and graduate students Orlowski of the University.

The histological laboratory is equipped with rotary and sleigh microtomes, automated tissue processor, microscopes and other devices, dyes and reagents for the manufacture of histological preparations.

Experts - histologists with extensive experience in research and teaching activities, carry out quality control of each glass before products come to market. In recent years, there have been no complaints or comments about the quality of micro specimens from the heads of the departments of histology, faculty, and researchers.

At the research center has a Committee on ethics, regulatory rules of work with laboratory animals.