Microscopy Slides

Histological slides

Histological micropreparations are classical educational and visual aids at the departments of histology, cytology and embryology for developing students skills and skills in determining the structure of human organs and tissues under a microscope. They can be useful for students in studying both normal and pathological anatomy. All the histological structures presented in the training manual for medical universities under the editorship of Yu.I. Afanasyeva, publishing house "Medicine", 1999.

Biological slides

We offer biological microscopy slidesof plants, unicellular and crustacean organisms, small insects for studying botany, general biology and genetics in universities, colleges and schools. Acquaintance with biological preparations makes it possible to show to students and students all the beauty and harmony of the structure of cells and the wonderful world of biology.

Histological demonstration slides

Demonstration histological specimens are extremely rare, single findings that give the most complete picture of the structure of the studied object, obtained as a result of studying a large number of serial sections.

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